1907 Artesian Water


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Alkaline, Artesian

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1907 Artesian Water is a product of New Zealand Why did we call our water 1907? Well it's a shout out to the original pioneers, who in 1907 first started bottling water in the town of Paeroa, New Zealan, a country know for it's purity and beauty. Now from our Paeroa Artesian Source (680 feet deep) 1907 brings you our high alkaline artesian water, so you can drink to a slice of history and to your health! For more information please go to: 1907 Artesian Water is bottled at source, Paeroa, New Zealand by 1907 ltd. For water quality information and a bottled water report about 1907 Artesian Water contact: 1-855-371-4544 [email protected]

Water Source Location

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